5 Qualities of a Great Real Estate Agent

5 Qualities of a Great Real Estate Agent

  • Bret Crino
  • 02/8/23

When searching for or selling your property, it’s often best to partner with a great real estate agent, as they can navigate you through steps you might not be familiar with and can solve issues that arise. For luxury properties like waterfront homes in South Tampa, an agent can be especially helpful in listing or finding properties for their clients. To identify a great agent, look out for the five qualities below. But first, here’s what to know about entering the local real estate market.

Currently, Hillsborough County shows no signs of a cooling market. In December, the closed sales were higher than the year before, and January has really kicked 2023 into gear. Buyers searching for South Tampa real estate can expect great options, but there’s still enough competition for homes on the market that sellers benefit as well. Additionally, the median sale price has increased by 22.4% since December 2021. With this in mind, here’s what to look for in a great agent.

1. Puts the client first

An integral quality of a great South Tampa realtor is a client-oriented approach to the home transaction process. A buyer’s and seller’s specific needs change from client to client, which a realtor should understand and accommodate. For buyers, a realtor will take steps to understand why you’re buying and what type of property you’re looking for, then help guide you through the steps of the process. They’ll make sure your needs are met and never push a personal agenda.

For sellers, a realtor will listen and ask questions to understand why you’re selling, if you’re under deadlines related to work or a child’s school schedule, and consider plans for their client after they sell. They’ll be a valuable resource in providing contacts for services a seller might need to prepare their property, such as a home contractor, a professional stager, and more.

2. Knows the market

Additionally, a great agent has an up-to-date and complete knowledge of the local real estate market. They’ll know what’s affecting current trends and projected future trends in the area. For buyers, an agent’s market knowledge is useful in searching for properties that align with their needs, as well as pricing out an offer and noting when properties are overpriced. For sellers, this knowledge is important for competitively pricing a home, as well as timing out the listing correctly.

As previously stated, Hillsborough County is experiencing a cooling market. Tampa is a very popular housing market, with extremely low inventory available to buyers. An agent will help a buyer through tricky conditions like rising prices and few options, while for sellers, an agent will consider the area’s increasing inventory when pricing a property competitively. An agent will also be aware of factors like rising interest rates and inflation when helping clients through their home transaction.

3. Communicates effectively

A lot depends on effective communication between an agent and a client, which is why interpersonal skills are a must in a good realtor. Realtors are their client’s guides within the real estate world, and unclear or infrequent communication can cause confusion or problems that comprise a search or sale. Agents will know the value of active listening and will attentively listen to a client’s questions or concerns, providing relevant answers and advice.

A great realtor like Bret Crino knows how to process what is and isn’t said, paying attention to a client’s body language that indicates unvoiced problems or worries. A realtor will also find the communication style that their client prefers the most, then use it consistently to contact them, whether that be through email, text, or phone call. When new developments or problems arise, an agent will promptly contact their client, making sure they’re up to date with what’s happening.

4. Has deep local knowledge

Alongside great market knowledge, a deep local knowledge of the area an agent specializes in is important for buyers and sellers alike. For sellers, local information is useful in preparing South Tampa real estate that most appeals to buyers. For buyers, an agent’s local knowledge about South Tampa neighborhoods, nearby school districts, shopping, entertainment, and more is essential in understanding what area best meets their needs.

A realtor can guide buyers to popular communities like Bayshore Beautiful, a neighborhood featuring brick streets and large homes. Areas like Palma Ceia are popular with professionals, while Davis Islands provides waterside living next to shops. Spots like Bayshore Boulevard and Hyde Park Village offer high-end stores, boutiques, and local shops. Buyers will also love its arts scene and outdoor recreation in areas like Hillsborough River State Park and the Tampa Riverwalk.

5. Problem solver and negotiator

A great agent has a proactive problem-solving approach. They’ll be on the lookout when and if problems arise, rather than waiting for their client to bring up a problem themselves. When they notice an issue, they’ll immediately take steps to resolve it, coming up with a quick solution for their clients. Throughout the process, an agent will keep their client updated on the problem’s status.

When it’s time to make or assess an offer, agents should already have established negotiation skills and tactics. They’ll keep your goals in focus and project confidence and assertiveness when representing you. An agent knows when it’s best to push for a good deal and when to be flexible and will come up with solutions that both sides can benefit from. If negotiations are unsuccessful, an agent also knows when to walk away, which saves time and effort for new searches and offers.

Ready to work with an agent?

South Tampa buyers and sellers reap serious benefits when partnering with a great realtor. Clear communication, expert-level knowledge of the locality and market trends, and refined negotiation skills can reduce stress and time in a home transaction. When you’re ready to start your search or sale in the area, contact The Sails Team to guide you through the process.

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